Volleyball Captains

Due to the weather and not being able to have the courts completed by May 4th, The Season will officially start May 11th!!
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All Captains will be getting a call during the month of February to remind their team to sign up.

All teams must have a Captain or representative present for the 2014 Captain's Meeting.  They will be held two weeks prior to your respective start date:  Meetings usually last about an hour at which time we will go through rules and hand out team roster and liability forms.  

2014 Captains Meeting Dates:
All meetings start at 7pm

Sunday Night’s meeting April 27 - League starts May 4th
Monday Night’s meeting April 21 - League stars May 5th
Tuesday Night’s meeting April 22 - League start May 6th
Wednesday & Thursday Night’s meeting April 23.
Wednesday League starts May 7th – Thursday League starts May 8th

Note: If you can't attend your respective dates you may attend other meeting dates.

5:30pm Co-ed 4-on-4 meetings will be held April 24th @ 7pm